Our vision is to help hurting people get from where they are to where they want to be.


We believe in creating opportunities that lead to tangible results for those seeking to regain their purpose. We do so by offering coaching that helps you to heal and get back on track with your life’s purpose after experiencing trauma or loss.


We are dedicated to facilitating transformation in the lives of exploitation and trafficking survivors by offering services and products at no charge as well as employment opportunities.


"I was born into a middle class working family. The great granddaughter of immigrants mixed with descendants of first nations. While not all were bad, some were criminals, and others were abusive, but I got out when I was 17. Rented a row house in the city.

From there I worked my butt off in the entertainment industry as a model, actor, writer, and producer. I had my son early on and married a Hollywood writer and producer. We did some great work in the industry for about ten years. I had some bad experiences but as always I found my way out.

When I was just 30 years of age I collapsed while working on set. They sent me to Urgent Care and ultimately it turned out I had cancer. My trauma had caught up with my body. (See ACE scoring system)

I spent the next 3 years in and out of the hospital, racking up medical bills that took me years to pay off. Eventually my insurance ran out, my marriage ended, and I had no where to go and not much to live for.

I was invited to go on a vision quest. I went out to the desert and spent a week completely unplugged from my phone, tv, internet, everything that had to do with the outside world. I won’t tell you everything that happened that week, but the teacher asked me one important question that stuck with me. He said “You will have to choose. Do you want to live or die?”

I realized that I had a desire to do more things with my life so I decided to live. I came back to Los Angeles, joined a local church, started volunteering like crazy, and within 9 months I went into spontaneous remission. The doctors have no explanation for my recovery. They did not expect me to live past the year 2016.

Each year past that death date has been a bonus year for me. And I aim to continually make the most of my life. I diligently spend time with my son. I am thriving as a story teller. And I spend my spare time advocating for exploitation and trafficking survivors.

It took a lot of spiritual discovery and varying methods of recovery to get me where I am today. I have pieced together the aspects of my journey that were the most helpful to me and written them into my latest book From Pain To Purpose. After experiencing trauma or loss we then have to find a way back to our purpose and calling in life. That journey can be hard to do on our own. God held my hand and walked me through to where I am now. I’m excited to share these insights, methods, and miracles with you." 

As I always say “Life is better when we do it together.”

Jessika Fuhrmaneck
Survivor of abuse, exploitation, cancer, and divorce

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ALL of the proceeds from Jessika's book From Pain To Purpose are dedicated to provide free resources for survivors of exploitation and trafficking. Please know that a portion of your purchase today will be directed to that fund so that we are able to continue offering our programs and services for free to those brave survivors who we hope to see become thrivers.

We applaud you for taking the first step to renew your purpose and experience all that this life has in store for you. Never ever ever give up.