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Damian Malik
Music Producer

My favorite thing about working with this program were the insights into aligning with the seasons and getting my health and routines on track. 

From Pain To Purpose coaching is insightful and illuminating. I would definitely recommend working with Jessika. She have a different approach than other coaches out there.


TV/Film Director

Before receiving coaching from Jessika I was feeling stuck. Definitely not getting the results I wanted. I was trying to power through, but I kept on hitting walls. I needed clarity on my path forward.

I read her book, From Pain To Purpose and starting using the insights into building healthy habits. I then started one-on-one coaching session with Jessika that was tailored to me specifically.

The biggest break through I experienced while working with Jessika was being able to get back into the entertainment industry. It has been my dream to return to work as a producer in Hollywood.

Young Businessman

Graphic Designer

Learning to accept myself and my flaws, learning to work with them, not against them.

This program is very relatable. Feels like you're talking to another person who understands or wants to understand.

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