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How to Return to Purpose After Experiencing Trauma or Loss

Jessika Fuhrmaneck is a survivor of abuse, exploitation, cancer, and divorce. At the end of it all, she had complex PTSD and felt utterly lost. She spent years in recovery programs to bring her mental and emotional state to a healthy place. Even after all the recovery, Jessika still wasn't able to get back on track with her life's calling. She spent a year discovering how to return to her God-given purposes and the result of her process is From Pain To Purpose.

After discovering clear action steps that got her back on track with her calling, she wanted to share those concepts with the world so that other survivors of trauma and loss could also find their way back to all they were meant to do and be. From Pain To Purpose leads those who have experienced a loss or trauma out of the fog and back into the light. It shows survivors how to go from lost and confused to clear and purposed.

"God truly does turn our pain into purpose if we let Him! this book is a demonstration of Jessika's commitment to the process of allowing the pain from her past and her story of overcoming it to inspire and encourage others!"

~Harmony Grillo, Founder

Treasures Ministry

"If you are looking for a thorough and practical way to reset after a life altering event, you will not be disappointed! You will be encouraged every step of the way. Jessika shares vulnerably, creating space for the reader to connect to the deepest parts of themselves. A must read for anyone desiring to discover their purpose in life."

~Monique Calderón-Remenda

Tedx Talker and Advocate with

Zoe International

"From Pain To Purpose is heartfelt and strategy packed... you not only get to read about Jessika's personal experiences... but you also get to read and be reminded of God's words through scripture and Hebrew biblical context. I recommend this book for anybody looking to find true meaning in their own lives and feeling alone in their pain or struggles."

~Nola Kesia Brantley-Harris

CEO, Nola Brantley Speaks



Jessika Fuhrmaneck is a writer, public speaker, and actor who has been a dedicated advocate for the support and recovery of women who have been exploited in the commercial sex trade. She has been a member of the Speakers Bureau for Treasures Ministry as well as Nola Brantley Speaks, which are survivor led organizations designed to bring awareness, resources, and empowerment to victims of human trafficking and exploitation. 

Jessika's focus is helping hurting people get from where they are to where they want to be. She writes content intended to empower and equip individuals, families, and communities. Most recently she published her latest book entitled From Pain To Purpose, of which all the proceeds go to benefit survivors through her foundation


Jessika is currently based out of Los Angeles, California where she continues her work as an actor, writer, and coach.

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About the Author: Writer, Speaker, Actor, Advocate

Jessika Fuhrmaneck

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