At a crucial point in my life I experienced a sudden shift in my life plans.  Where I thought I was going, and some of the people I thought would forever be a part of my life abruptly left. This trauma was added on top of several other life experiences (cancer, divorce, violence, exploitation) and my mind could no longer take on anymore pain.  


It was at this time that I turned to the book of Esther.  Esther lost everything that meant something to her.  She was orphaned, and she ultimately had to hide her heritage.  All that she thought she was, was taken away.  But she showed a courage that interested me. Rather than crumble under the weight of defeat she rose up.  Step by step she followed the wise counsel of those who surrounded her and her destiny changed from the small dream she had for her life to becoming a queen destined to help free her people.  


I wanted my life to be like hers and so I spent a year allowing God to mold my life in to something larger than I had ever been able to envision on my own.  I went from Pain to Purpose.  


This book is a detailed description of the steps I took to reset my purpose after experiencing trauma and loss.  I want to share it with people all over the world so that they too will have an opportunity to find their way back to who they were always meant to be.  


I encourage you to study this step by step program and allow God to renew and redeem all that you have lost.  I am living, breathing, evidence that a life can be redeemed.  I hope you will join me on this journey From Pain to Purpose and together we will find our way back to our true calling in life!  


As I always say, Life is better when we do it together!

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